Chicken Caesars Salad

Chicken Cesear Salad

Story I had a hard time making my daughter eat salads until I served this Chicken Caesar salad.  I thought she would never eat salads but now…

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Easy Cheese Escargots

Story This all came about where we had excess cheese and egg mixture and not enough puff pastry sheets. We had phyllo dough sheets. So, we made it a…

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Easy Quiche

  Story We love quiches but they are very time consuming and delicate. After going to Panera Bread and seeing how they took a complex recipe…

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Story This is my favorite! There is nothing better than homemade guacamole. My family loves avocados and every time we go out to a Mexican…

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Harvest Salad – Arugula Bacon Pecan

  Story I tasted this salad combination for the first time at Alisal Ranch up in Solvang, California. It is my favorite horse ranch…

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Pan-seared Foie Gras with Port Wine Sauce

Introduction This is an acquired taste. But once you acquire it, you will always crave it. Secret The secret to this recipe is in the…

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Prosciutto Cream Cheese Wrapped Asparagus En Crouse

Story The story behind this appetizer was great. We were hosting a sit down dinner at one of our homes for 50 people. We had a few of our…

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Quinoa Balls

Story Quinoa seems to be the latest health trend in California and everyone is trying it. So as I was shopping at Costco a few weeks ago I noticed a…

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Roasted Peppers & Cheese (Balkan Appetizer)

Story Our mom, Lilly, created this recipe by  improvising a dish she ate in her travels to Greece. Secret The secret ingredient that…

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  Story There are a lot of different types of salsas out there to buy and it is always hit or miss. Sometimes they are too spicy, or the…

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Spinach Dip

Story I was first introduced to this recipe at my Kuma Tina’s ( Godmother of my children) house 20 plus years ago.  Never saw the dip…

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Tomato Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Salad

Story This is one of the quickest, easiest and tastiest salads you can make. The beautiful colors and freshness of the tomatoes and basil make it…

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